Unit 2: Divine Guidance, Ritual and Ceremony

Student Drumming in RitualDeepen your connection to the Divine and examine the role of ritual historically, while developing skills in creating your own rituals with personal relevance.

  • Divine guidance, gifts of Spirit
  • Demystifying channeling
  • Spiritual guidance from higher realms
  • History of the Great Oracles — Tibetan and Delphi Oracles
  • Consulting oracles and divination tools
  • Art of creating inspired rituals
  • Creating rites of passage
  • Sacred space and your personal altar
  • Spiritual activism, non-violence, peace, global cooperation
  • Introduction to mystery schools and esoterica


Instructors:  Maria Gallé (Registered Psychotherapist and Coach), Linda Kuschnir (Counsellor, Spiritual Director, and Coach),  Pauline O’Hanlon (Registered Psychotherapist, and Spiritual Director) and Gord Riddell (Counsellor, Spiritual Director and Coach)

Length: 7 weeks (27 hours)


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