Discovering the Total Self Diploma Program

Discovering the Total Self

Discovering the Total Self

What if you could tap into the unlimited creative potential available to you by learning about ancient spiritual wisdom, esoteric principles, contemporary psychology and emotional healing?

The Discovering the Total Self Program does just that through a unique series of courses in personal and spiritual development designed to provide these benefits and learning outcomes:

  • Increase awareness and openness to spirituality
  • Develop a faster and greater ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Empower yourself to reconnect to your passion for life
  • Experience the power of living in the now
  • Discover that uncertainty can be comfortable when we connect to our 'wise' self
  • Learn to make clear choices that reflect who you are
  • Learn to tap into your own unlimited creativity
  • Access your intuition

This extensive program is designed to balance body, mind and spirit, bringing the individual to a state of personal empowerment through the transformational process. 

The Path of the Contemporary Mystic encourages us to transcend our egos, to surrender, go with the flow, to trust divine guidance, to detach, entering into the mystery to be of service. The Path of Emotional Healing and Self-Discovery takes us into our self, healing our wounds and developing a healthy sense of self.

The program is comprised of a total of 10 modules in psychospiritual development. You can complete the program at your own pace, take more than one course at a time or take only those that interest you. Each course is 20 hours long, running one evening per week (7pm to 9:30pm, unless otherwise stated), for a period of 8 weeks.

All course instructors are graduates of the Total Self program. Each class includes a lecture, meditation and/or exercises with group processing and discussion.


Course Modules:

TS-01 Meditation and the Chakras

TS-02 Maps of Consciousness: Spirituality and Higher Self

TS-03 Exploring the Non-Physical

TS-04 The Path of Emotional Healing

TS-05 Spiritual Healing and Energy Transfer

TS-06 The Intuitive Arts

TS-07 Meeting Your Inner Selves

TS-08 From Child to Adult

TS-09 Living Your Higher Self

TS-10 The Healing Power of Sound

Discovering the Total Self — Diploma Program

We offer a Diploma for Discovering the Total Self Program. A diploma is given to participants who complete all 10 course modules of the program (75% course attendance is required). 

For applicants in the Spiritual Psychotherapy or Spiritual Director Training Program, all 10 modules are required. For the Holistic Health Practitioner Training Program—courses 1, 4, 5 and 6 are required.

All course Facilitators are graduates of the Total Self and of one of the College’s professional programs. They have been professionally trained as Facilitators at the College and have done extensive inner work.

The teaching approach for the Total Self Program is theoretical and experiential. Each class includes a lecture, meditation and/or exercises with group processing and discussion.

Accelerated Path: You can complete the program in approximately one year. Contact us for details. This is an ideal route for those wanting to complete both the Total Self and Spiritual Psychotherapy Training programs in two or three years doing part-time studies.


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