Student in Herbal Studies Class<br/> making an herbal compress
Student in Herbal Studies Class
making an herbal compress

Enrollment in the College’s Discovering the Total Self Program (TS) — Course #1, #4, #5 and #6. Courses #1 and #5 are pre-requisites for most Energetic Studies courses.

25 hours of counselling while doing the program. To be an effective healer we need to do our own emotional healing or inner work. Inquire on how you can complete your counselling hours at the College’s Psychotherapy Clinic at a reduced fee.

Case Studies

122 Case Studies in the various modalities need to be completed in order to receive a Diploma from the College. Additional Case Studies are required for Aromatherapy and Reflexology legal designations. Case Studies are optional for those completing the program for personal reasons only.

Class Attendance: Students must attend 90% of classes to receive certificates. 75% attendance is required for Total Self courses.


Credit Hours

The following courses can be applied towards further professional training at these schools:

Homeopathy Basics — Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

Herbal Studies — Living Earth School

Iridology — The Canadian Institute of Iridology

Nutrition — Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario has qualified the following courses as Continuing Education Units (CEUs):  Anatomy/Physiology, Pathology, Aromatherapy, Swedish Basics, Reflexology, Counselling Skills, Reiki I and Ethics and Managing a Business.


Diplomas and Certificates

Upon completion of the courses, exams, case studies, and all other requirements, the graduate will receive a Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma from the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. Individual Certificates will also be given for:

  • Fundamental Herbology
  • Fundamental Iridology
  • Homeopathy Basics
  • Nutritional Symptomatology
  • Reiki I


Exams— Designations— Fees

  • The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners has granted Transformational Arts the designation C.N.H.P. (Certified Natural Health Practitioner) for the Holistic Health Practitioner Training Program. This designation may be used as a legal suffix after the practitioner’s name anywhere in Canada.
  • At present time the field of holistic health is an unregulated profession. Should regulations be imposed in the future, people registered with the Board having this designation will be given priority.
  • The C.N.H.P. designation is optional to students. The fee is $500.
  • The fee for the designation to become a Certified Aromatherapist (C.A.H.T.) or Certified Reflexologist (C.R.H.P.) is $500. The cost to write the exams is $100 each.
  • Designation and exam fees qualify for tuition tax credits
  • If the student applies for more than 1 designation, the fee for further designations is only $125.
  • Designations must be renewed annually for a fee of $125.
  • 15 hours of Continuing Education Credits must be done annually to keep the designation valid.


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