Homeopathy Basics (HSC-HOM)

HomeopathyHomeopathic medicine is the fastest growing medicine in the world. It is based on the concept ‘like cures like.’ This means that a substance will cure symptoms in a sick person when given in infinitesimal doses, although when taken in overdose, it would cause symptoms in a healthy person. Homeopathy treats the whole person not just the symptom.

This 30-hour course covers:

  • History and principles of homeopathy
  • Terminology used in homeopathy
  • Overview of the ‘Organon of Medicine’
  • Stages of illness
  • Finding the symptom picture
  • Guidelines for recommending and assessing the response to a remedy
  • Antidotes and when to refer

Note: Credit hours for this course can be applied towards the Professional Training Program to become a Homeopath at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.

Instructor: Dr. Nasim Zaiee, ND 

Fee:  $395 if taken as part of Program, $475 + HST if taken as a single course



Part-Time: starting Wed. Jun. 28, 2017—7-10pm, for 10 weeks


Full-time Mon. and Wed. starting Jan. 3 (9:30am-12:30pm) for 10 classes

To Register: For information or to register, please contact Maria Gallé at mariag@transformationalarts.com or 416.484.0454 ext.25 or Pat Rigby at prigby@transformationalarts.com or 416.484.0454 ext.30.

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