Working with Runes, Pendulums and Oracles (ESO-RUN)

Working with Runes, Pendulums and Oracles

Expanding the repertoire of significant techniques for accessing “divine language”, this 15 hour weekend course focuses on several important and foundational tools. Highlighting the common ground between several systems, including Runes and Oracle cards, the student will develop an understanding of the structural archetypal themes that are important in all systems. Such an understanding opens the doors to all divination systems and hones the discernment to recognize which are powerful tools to use in practice.

Learn the symbolic meaning of the 25 Nordic runes:

  • Learn how to do personal readings for yourself and others using the Nordic Runes
  • Learn a variety of spreads to do readings with Oracle cards that are different to Tarot spreads
  • Use a specially created oracle spread by TAC to do a life purpose and soul lesson reading looking at karmic blueprint, fate and destiny and soul contracts
  • Learn the many pragmatic ways you can work with a pendulum for guidance and how to apply this to many areas of your life
  • Work in dyads to enhance your intuitive reading skills

Runes and oracles will be provided by the instructor to allow students to become familiar with them and to see which they resonate with before purchasing. Students should bring their own pendulums.

Date: Sat. Feb.23 (9 am-5 pm) and Sun. Feb. 24 (10 am-5 pm), 2019

Instructor: Tiffany Lazic, Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director, Founder of the Hive and Grove
Fee: $380 (handout materials included) HST exempt if taken as part of this training program, $100 non-refundable deposit required

Register:  Pre-registration is necessary. Call Linda Kuschnir at 416-484-0454 ext.23 to book your space or email her at You may also register directly online via PayPal.