2018 Summer Series — Lecture #2- Conscious and Soulful Relationships

2018 Summer Series
Lecture #2- 
Conscious and Soulful Relationships 

In our everyday life, we are constantly dealing with relationships. They can be romantic, with co-workers, family, friends, the cashier at a grocery store and most importantly the relationship to ourselves. In most cases, we allow old, mostly un-conscious patterns to dictate how we show up in our relationships. We will explore how these patterns play out for us in the dynamics of our relationships and why we keep on attracting the same people. What role does trusting ourselves and trusting others play? What are the different stages that relationships go through? And lastly, how can you make your relation-ships more conscious and soulful.

When: Wednesday, July 4, 7 pm - 9:45 pm 

With: Maria Gallé, Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director and Life Coach

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