2017 Summer Series — Lecture #5- Listen To Your Body Whisper …

2017 Summer Series
Lecture #5- 
Listen To Your Body Whisper … 

For many of us, our state of “Dis-Ease” with life has us seeking relief by medicating our emotional, mental and physical illnesses through external means to feel good. Imagine becoming the physician of your Soul Body and self-sourcing your way to healing and well-being. Body intuition is received as a “whisper” when our mind is silenced and permission is given to reveal the truth with no judgment and attachment.

Join us to explore self-healing through an experiential modality for connecting to your 7 chakras. This mindful inquiry paired with sitting/lying positions to activate each chakra will give you insight to the emotional and psychospiritual roots of your maladies. Body wisdom channeled through a clear and accepting mind allows us access to our undiluted potential. Please bring a yoga mat (pillow/blanket if required) and a notebook/pen to record thoughts/ reflections.

When: Wed. July 26, 7-9:45 pm

With: Helena Borgers, Registered Psychotherapist and Coach

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