CoursesHere are some of the primary programs and course offerings available at the College:

Discovering the Total Self (TS). This extensive program consists of 10 course modules in psychospiritual development. As well, additional courses are offered called Esoteric Spiritual Studies

The full-time (one-year) and part-time (two-year) Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program (SP) provides the student with professional skills development in psychotherapy and psychospiritual facilitation. The program embraces concepts from Transpersonal and Transformational Psychology, acknowledging that we are both human and spiritual beings, and that transformation takes place when we address both our dark and our light sides. To this end it is based in emotional healing, experiential work, energetic therapeutic techniques, counselling skills and the spiritual side of psychotherapy.

Our Holistic Health Practitioner (HOL) Full-time or Part-time Training Program was one of the first of its kind in complementary and alternative health care in Canada. The program offers many courses in both Holistic (HOL-HS) and Energetic (HOL-ES) Studies: Aromatherapy, Shiatsu Basics, Herbal Studies, Homeopathy, Chakra Studies, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Healing, Colour Therapy and Medical Intuition to name a few. It can be taken on a two year part-time basis, a one year full time basis or on a custom schedule.

The Spiritual Director Training Program (SD) is a professional course designed for individuals open to the challenging concepts of spirituality as well as developing skills to assist others in their spiritual journey and through the dark night of the soul.

The Coaching Certificate Program (COA) is a professional program for coaching individuals and groups from a soul-based perspective involving spiritual principles.  Learn to motivate others to manifest their highest vision, dreams and goals.  Ideal for psychotherapists, holistic health practitioners, human resources professionals and others.