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Why are the New Energies Stressing Us?

Why are the New Energies Stressing Us?

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

Conscious Living Column


I am writing this article (Gord) just a couple of days before the annual Hallowe’en tradition takes over our streets and social life for a few short hours on October 31st. A few hours ago though, I was standing in one of our local department stores; on one side of me there was the ghoulish masks and costumes of the upcoming Hallowe’en event, while on the other side were the decorations of the event called Christmas, almost two months away. Side by side the ghoulish trappings of Hallowe’en and the lights and imagery of the baby Jesus. Is this what we are moving to, everything cramming together?  It hit me as I looked from left to right, the tension that existed between those two display areas, how opposing they were energetically sitting there side by side.

I think the tension between the two displays impacted me as it underscored the tension I am seeing too many people carrying around with them. People are appearing to be and acting as though they are stressed beyond their limits. Tempers are shorter; irritability is more likely to be a response to lightheartedness. It is as if there are two opposing forces continually at odds without finding a way to merge or to integrate. The faster we go the more stressed we are becoming. The more work we do, the more things needing to be done keep appearing in the proverbial inbox. In my mind’s eye, it is like I am running just to catch up with myself and even then, I am still quite a few strides behind in this mythological race to catch up to myself and time. I know I am not alone in observing that we are all a bit more on edge, and we are fast to irritation if not outright agitation. Most will be unable to pinpoint any one thing as the catalyst to all this stress because it is a number of things combined with our attitudes and beliefs about what we think our life should be like. Unfulfilled fantasies, dreams and expectation have a way of forming a large negative thought bubble around us. Unspoken or not even conscious, we are emitting a tension that each person we encounter will be affected by and in turn, they too will unwittingly pass this pulse of tension on to yet another.


The Build Up

A year ago we all had just passed through the year 2012, a much hyped but significant year as it was on the date of December21, 2012 that the Mayan civilisation’s calendar came to an abrupt end. As the Mayans were noted for their sophistication in astronomical and planetary records, it would come to be interpreted as the end of the world, certainly as we knew it. This would be     the time of increasing higher energies flooding the planet and altering her course. Now this changing and shifting of energies started long before 2012. It starts back in 1987, August 16-17to be exact; I know because I was there and the event was called the Harmonic Convergence. The combining of energies from Higher Realms were to assist us shift our consciousness to a higher vibration with the culmination of these changes in 2012. Certainly many things have happened since 1987, and spirituality has moved from quiet whispers into the mainstream: and there is still a lot of room for the mainstream to grow! There has been alot of time to build up expectations, foster visions and false hopes as to the exact Nature of the 2012 experience would be.

If 2012 was to be the culmination of all these focused energies I can’t help but think that logically the planet and all her inhabitants should have accelerated to a vibratory rate more in line with harmony, peace and caring about each other. I am not seeing spiritual kindness happening. I am seeing disappointment and disillusionment. When we have our expectations and hopes pumped up as they were for years about 2012 and then basically, like me, you felt nothing happened then disappointment is perfectly normal. I absolutely believe we are evolving energetically to higher vibrations, however only a very few people are interacting at that vibratory rate. What I am seeing is the emergence of the hidden, shadow side, growing larger in opposition to the lightness of spiritual consciousness. I am seeing an increase in self-centered behaviours, attitudes of entitlement that they are owed something for being on the planet, the disappearance of compassion, giving and kindness and all the while the voice of the shadow yells out - What is in it for me? Can these be the new energies that have been hailed for so long?


The Spiritual Shadow

No, this is the human ego’s opposition to it, as our society, even our friends, succumb to the shadow’s assertion of its displeasure! My impression is we are using old methods including thought processes and trying to apply them to these new levels. People say that-“I am working with energies”, “we work with the energy for healing”, “we work with the energy to clear and open our chakras”. What I see  is we can no longer work with this increased vibrational rate like it is robe we put on and then takeoff, or to use as a tool to be used in the garden. We think we can continue to use spiritual energy as we did before, pull it in, direct as needed and then shut down and disconnect.  I think if people were open about it, they would admit to being unable to meditate or move energy the way they had previously.  Their spirituality frozen by not knowing what to do or where to go with it as such, nothing is happening. By having difficulties with the connection we are not getting the renewal factor from the energy and this unknowingly is a major contributor to our stress. What is happening?

We can no longer use it as though it is separate from us, now we must become the energy.

The increasing vibrational rate of consciousness is at odds with the powerful shadow which keeps us focused on the ego energy. The spiritual shadow focuses on all the things of the physical realm including money, wealth, power, addictions, people, places and things that we can acquire and we can control. Interestingly, they are the very things that stay here on the planet when we leave it or in the colloquial “You can’t take it with you”.

To actualize this new vibration there are things that we can do to help embody the energy:

  • During meditation bring the energy through your body to open and ground but it is necessary now to move up the energy into the Higher Self and beyond to really connect and embody.
  • Let the energy guide you, not the other way around. “Let Go and Let God” as I was taught.
  • In addition to a gratitude journal, keep a kindness journal. At the end of each day write down 5 kind things you did for others with no expectation of receiving anything in return.
  • Listen to other peoples’ stories without judgement, without interrogation. It is so healing. Be a witness to others’ footsteps on this planet and give thanks for your own.
  • Learn detachment at the same moment you experience love, joy and beauty.
  • Affirm each day that the new energies are touching every person’s life on the planet.
  • Affirm each day that you are this new energy of awakening, change and renewal.

Without any leaning one way or another, the prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi which begins with “Where there is hatred, let me sow love” and ends with “Where there is darkness, let me bring light” is a perfect way to embody and live the new vibrations.  Standing in front of those two displays of Halloween and Christmas definitely fired up my brain to write about how I know many of us felt about the much hyped 2012, that was at best, anticlimactic; but how we will bring those spiritual energies closer to us all by reaffirming the importance of our own spiritual journeys.