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Twin Flames and Noble Friends

Twin Flames and Noble Friends

by Laura Luz


 Understanding your sacred contracts with others is the name of the workshop that I presented last month and for two years in a row for T.A.C’s Summer Series Workshops.    The high number of attenders both years was evidence of an avid interest in the topic.  The evening’s exploration included the following terms:  Soul mates, Twin flames, Noble friends, Catalyst, Activators, Messengers, Guides, Angels, Teachers and Soul family.  The following week, I got an email inquiry asking what the difference was between a Noble Friend relationship and a Twin Flame relationship.  I will share what I have learned about Noble Friends vs Twin Flames.

Twin flames have a soul signature that is very close to our own, so there is an energetic recognition that occurs upon meeting one another.  The reunion actually shakes us up and makes us feelTwinFlames1 like we have had a “staggering experience”.   When we encounter Twin Flame energy, it is also an intense mirror which provides for us parallels that includes similar life experiences, similar life-patterns, but also matches in life-lessons, (lessons like “Authority, Forgiveness, Creativity, Freedom/Independence, Truth, Boundaries, Trust etc.).  These parallels cause us to feel closely aligned and intimately connected with the other soul; hence shifting the relationship to a state of timelessness.  We find ourselves feeling like we have known the other person forever, and they also share this sentiment.

Even though we recognize parallels, (which can be exciting because we resonate with what the other has shared, plus it makes us feel like we can see “ALL of the other” with ease), the mirror aspect can also be very painful, because both of individuals have similar wounding, which can – when brushed or pushed by the other – cause BIG painful and intense scenarios.  Twin Flames unions are all about learning a higher level of love, forgiveness and eventually gaining an understanding of “unconditional love”.  This also includes allowing one-another to go in whichever direction they feel the need to travel, without holding judgment or attachment.

Twin Flame unions have the potential to take us to a level where both individuals commit to and learn about “sacred partnership” which encompasses the mutual yearning of “serving mankind and the New Earth”.  Twin flames MAY be experienced as romantic Lover-relationships,  yet there are times when they happen more as  business or directional partnerships ; because “romance” is a defined human experience which is limited and fleeting.  Unconditional love is broader, multi-dimensional and higher vibrating than romantic love.  Romantic love tends to be a temporary human experience.

Surrender is the key word for a Twin Flame connection.  We must take notice of whether we are attached to an outcome of some sort regarding one another.  Some have pondered the question, “are twin flames supposed to get married?”  That is a human question, and yet the work that we do with our twin flame is much vaster and more complex than our human minds are able to comprehend.  In other words, there may be no clear outcome regarding a Twin Flame union.  Even so, there is no doubt that opportunity for personal work and healing will surface frequently when we discover our twin flame within our field.  Conversely, we learn that our healing work is “all about US” not them.  If we find that we have the desire to change the other soul, then we are not looking at the work that needs to be accomplished within ourselves.  Additionally, there is a divine paradox in the acceptance and understanding of the concept that; when we heal ourselves, we also heal them (because both persons hold such a close energy match).

In divine accordance, working with Twin Energy unions also provides us with a how-to manual around loving ourselves, because (again illuminating divine paradox) we inevitably find ourselves doing a lot of our own work, alone, when we meet up with Twin Flames.  Our intrinsic mission steers us to self-excavation, and the development of self-love, self-forgiveness, and the higher law of detachment.  We also learn to give the other person complete freedom, because we love them so much and we discern acutely that terminal separation from them causes us indescribable pain. Having said that, it is inevitable that separation will occur at least in the early stages of Twin Flame unions; which magically allows us as individuated souls, more space to work on healing ourselves.  I love the efficiency of the Divine, for it wastes nothing.

Noble Friends are those soulNobleFriend1s who volunteer before coming to Earth to help us to learn important lessons within our life, and do so by providing us with “friction”.  They brush up against us annoyingly and we react in ways that both surprise and confuse us.  Our interactions with Noble Friends cause us to stop and ask ourselves “what is heck is happening here?”  “Why do I feel so confrontational with this person?”  “Why do I want to stay away from them?”  The energy of friction is an illusion yet in the moment is very impacting and intense.  The friction is meant to draw out the shadow parts of ourselves that we have not yet owned and which have shown up in our lives randomly, unpredictably yet sparingly; at least until our Noble Friend showed up.  With the assistance of friction and disharmony, our shadow aspects literally hijack our behaviors through scenarios we find ourselves entangled in with our Noble Friends.

It is helpful to keep in mind that Noble Friend energy is a temporary energy which reveals itself in order to more fully acquaint ourselves with our shadow parts.  Additionally Noble Friends provide an opportunity to develop some measure of skill around our adverse behaviors.  Consequently when skill is achieved regularly, the “charge or friction” between the two gradually dissipates.  In other words, the energy between us and our Noble Friend neutralizes and we find one day that we don’t feel necessarily anything about the other person.  This is the indication that we have completed whatever we needed to learn from that individual who voluntarily cloaked themselves within Noble Friend energy, just for you.

Noble friends CAN begin with quite a sexual allure or attraction.  This is because sexual energy is the manner which brings Humans into close proximity.  Sexual-energy is a form of animated life-force which gets and keeps our attention; and yet the connection is not meant to be sustainable as a Lover-relationship.

Often Noble friends show up in workplace situations (as authority figures or colleagues), as competition, or an attempted intimate relationship where we find ourselves continually “butting heads”.  Many of our difficult “Exes” are an archetypal representation of Noble Friend energy. The repeating difficulties and temptations to enter the realm of drama correspondingly allow us to learn how to express our own truth skillfully or to stand firmly in our own power using techniques of skill and mastery.  Being skillful or using mastery means that you are no longer reacting recklessly and from your default defense mechanisms.  Instead, the manner in which we respond to Noble Friend frictions encompasses balance, clarity and mindfulness.  Along with that, we accrue no further negative karma for ourselves since we are continually exhibiting awareness and foresight.

RealLoveBoth Twin Flames and Noble Friends reveal to us the deepest parts of our unhealed and unloved identities.  This makes us feel highly vulnerable and often threatened.  The gift of our descent into vulnerability is that often the combination of events and people creates within us a fertile ground to anchor our understanding of love and forgiveness at a Christ-consciousness level.

There is a theory that Twin Flame unions are rare, while Noble Friend connections exist abundantly in each person’s blueprint.  For me, each sacred contract with another holds mystery, intrigue and adds both color and texture to our lives. We may never fully understand our sacred contracts with others within our human existence, but when our eternal memories are reinstated… Well… then all the fun really begins!May each of us grow to appreciate all those who love us, leave us, accept us, betray us, or goad us into our highest potential; for all these roles and characters contribute with steadfastness to the utter adventure of our lives.