SP Continuing Curriculum

Additional Psychotherapy Curriculum Courses

We added 5-one day courses to our program to enhance the content and address core competencies. If you are a previous graduate of our program or practicing in the field of psychotherapy these courses will broaden and enhance your skills base.

The following 5 curriculum courses are one day in length. You can also take the new segment in the Case Studies course which involves necessary entry-to-practice core competencies.

You MUST be a Spiritual Psychotherapy graduate of Transformational Arts

If you take 3 or more segments you will receive a 15% discount (credit contingent on completion and payment of the select courses)


  1. Understanding the Working with Trauma in Psychotherapy
  2. Life Stages and Diversity in Psychotherapy
  3. Research in the Field of Psychotherapy
  4. Case Studies Competencies Classes
  5. Cognitive Psychotherapies


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