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Sacred Gardening

Sacred Gardening

Vitality Conscious Living – June 2014

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak  

Over the past few weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my Spring gardening. Nothing has given me more pleasure than to look out into my backyard to see the beauty, harmony and serenity that I have co-created with nature. I believe that gardening can be a very spiritual and sacred activity that can be accompanied by prayer, meditation and energy work. I would like to share with you some of the things I do to make gardening a sacred experience.

Ritual for Gaia

I start by doing a small ritual to call in Gaia, nature spirits and her elements so that I may be guided in my planting. I give thanks to earth and water for the nutrients that they provide to the plants. I thank the sun for the element of fire providing sunshine for their growth. I thank the air and her breezes for allowing pollination to take place. I see and honour the divinity of each plant knowing that God is within. Some say that a plant’s flower is how it expresses its God-like nature.

Colour and Crystal Therapy

I carefully select the colours of my flowers knowing that they are like colour therapy. When I behold their beauty, I know their colours are working on my energy field. I love to work with the hues of pink, peach, coral, salmon with the occasional splash of orange and purple. I always work with some white to add more light to the garden. Also, select your flowers by shape and scent to attract an abundance of life to your garden: birds, bees, butterflies and squirrels.

Placing some of your favourite crystals near the plant will boost their energy. You can match the colour the crystal to the colour of the flower or you can use clear, quartz crystal.  Crystals will add beauty to your garden and reflect light. They will also attract birds and bees for pollination.

In your trees, you can hang coloured ornaments and crystals for a beautiful visual effect.  Quartz crystals will create rainbow lights in your garden.  Ornaments that are reflective will create dancing balls of light in your garden when the wind moves them.

Meditation and Intention

Some find watering their plants boring so you can turn this activity into a meditation. When watering your plants, stay in a meditative state praying that the water provides a blessing for nurturance. Use this activity to practice being in the moment.  Go to state of unity consciousness meaning that everything is interconnected and one.  Become one with the beauty of nature and your garden. 

It is also wonderful to sit and do your daily meditation in your garden.  Connect to your Higher Self and open chakras.  You can also commune with the nature spirits to see what your plants need.  Ask the nature spirits to help the plants grow and stay healthy.

If insects are a problem, communicate with them in meditation and have them stay in a certain area of your garden only.  Michaelle Wright of the famous Perelandra garden in Virginia states that one can negotiate with insects so they benefit the garden rather than destroy it.  If you want to learn more about sacred gardening consult her book “Perelandra Garden Workbook”.  She also uses muscle testing on her plants to determine a plant’s needs.

When I prune or dead-head flowers, I hold the intention for the plant that this will help their overall growth. Always remember that gardens are about procreation and when you dead-head flowers you are actually encouraging the plant to have "sex" again with nature by creating more flowers. Gardens, indeed, are very sensual just like your soul.

Gardening is part of Green Therapy or Ecotherapy.  Research has proven that is a wonderful way to alleviate depression. After gardening, 69% of people report a sense of well being.  Gardening will improve your energy level. It has been proven that green space has a healing effect on us.

Reiki and Communication

I Reiki or give each plant some energy when planting it. Plants love energy work and grow more when you work with their energy field. There is an experiment that you can do with 2 plants. Give one energy and do not give the other energy.  Note the difference in their growth over a period of a month.

You can also talk to your plants and praise them.  This phenomenon was discussed in the 1973 book “The Secret Life of Plants” which notes that plants are sentient beings even though they do not have a brain or nervous system.  The concept that plants are able to feel emotions was first documented in 1848, when Dr.   G. Fechner, a German experimental psychologist proposed that plants have feelings and that one could encourage healthy growth with talk, attention, intention, positivity, and love.

Décor and Statuary

I have a fairy statue to honour nature spirits, a Buddha bust to honour wisdom and compassion and a Goddess statue to honour the divine feminine. It is interesting that all garden centres sell these kinds of statues now.

I have a small pond or water treatment which provides relaxation from the constant trickle of water that I can hear inside my home. Around the rocks, I have sprinkled round coloured glass that you can get at the Dollar Store

Most importantly, I take in the beauty that Mother Nature has provided. I like to sit quietly with my 2 dogs just relaxing and being having gratitude for the serenity my garden provides. Every now and then, birds visit to take a bath which gives me great pleasure. My favourites are a cardinal couple and yellow finch.

I have learned that I can have an awesome experience with nature right in the city and in my own back yard. I hope that nature brings you lots joy and pleasure this summer, too.