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The Art of Manifesting is Changing!

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“The Art of Manifesting is Changing!”

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak


Have you noticed that how, when and what you manifest is changing in your life over the past few years? Previously, we would just place our order with the universe and hopefully it would respond.  We would request what we wanted and visualize happening in the present moment. If we took the process to a higher level, we would have gratitude before it materialized and affirm that it was ‘Already here’ or ‘Already done.’ We would also be open to something greater for the highest good of all concerned.  A lot of this still holds much influence in manifesting but placing a very specific request, as if the universe was a vending machine, has lost a lot of its magnetism.

Sometimes, we would use a more evolved word such as co-creation to manifest in a reciprocal manner with the Divine or God. Sometimes, we fooled ourselves into thinking we were co-creating, when all along we were just trying to control the universe.

Higher Vibration

Since our vibration and the Earth’s frequency have increased and we are still in the throes of the Great Awakening or Shift, our approach needs to change.  For those who are committed to their spiritual growth, we must acknowledge how multi-dimensional we are.  The fifth dimension of Unity Consciousness and the Mystical Heart (love for all of humanity) has become readily accessible to us.  We are also living life more from our souls versus our ego and honour the I AM presence or that God is within. Hence, when we try to manifest from the ego only in the third dimension, it does not work very well.

Paradoxical Intent

Coming from fear, desperation and urgency seem to hold more negative gravity now than ever!  Author, Sandra Anne Taylor, uses the phrase Paradoxical Intent. She states that “The Law of Paradoxical Intent reflects the Law of Magnetism in warning that you'll only get a return of your own negative energy. If you're desperate to make something happen, that repulsive vibration will push it away, turning away the very people and situations that might bring your desired outcome. Your desperation, therefore, creates the paradox, or the opposite of your original intention, leading you to failure instead of success.” If we focus on what we don’t have, we become unhappy and just attract more lack. We don’t live in the present moment as we are always waiting for something to desperately arrive.

In order to manifest effectively, fear cannot be present, more than ever. Instead, fear, urgency and desperation need to be replaced by faith, hope, trust, belief and calmness. We cannot have unhappiness or dissatisfaction about not having what we want in our life as these are not magnetic emotions but push goodness and what we desire away from us.

On God’s Time

Importantly, manifestation is occurring more on God’s time and we need to come to acceptance of this. If we are manifesting from our ego only (and you have fully owned your spiritual nature) this can set us up for failure.  This is not to say that your ego is not involved in manifestation as we have material and physical needs to be met. Also, it is important to let go of expectations on how it will show up in respect to its details and form.

If you are at a higher level of spiritual development it is almost as if the soul will take priority on what you manifest.  The soul will also take into consideration if what you desire will benefit your soul growth.  If it were to be detrimental to your soul’s growth, then perhaps your soul would block it. If your soul determines that you don’t need a 10,000 square foot mansion to grow spiritually, then you won’t manifest it. In fact, for some, this size of a house could be a hindrance as they would need to be so materially focused in its upkeep.

There are few people in the field of spirituality who are extremely wealthy.  The exception is celebrity-based authors who are known world-wide.  One can imagine that some may struggle internally so that they don’t become too material-based. Others, because of their global prominence, might wrestle with their egos so that they don’t become too fame oriented and turn into demanding divas. 

Everybody, in coming from their egos, would love to have millions but if it is not meant to be for our soul it won’t happen.  It is interesting that some who win the lottery lose it all within a few years. Others, who now don’t have to work, become extremely bored with their lives.  Here, the manifestation of millions ended up being an important soul lesson.  

Be sure that what you want to manifest is in alignment with your soul and I AM presence and is for the highest good for all.  Have a sense of turning it over to the universe and ‘letting it go’ so that you are not attached. Remember that you are what you hold in your Source will be reflected back. If you want more love, give more love. When it includes other humans it becomes more complicated since we cannot interfere with their free will. 

Magic and Synchronicity

Also, leave the request more open ended and the universe will work its magic and synchronicity for you.  For example, for prosperity you can state a specific monetary amount but strongly intend unlimited prosperity with an array of infinite possibilities. This way, more can flow to you and you might get some pleasant surprises! 

Very importantly, have gratitude for what you have, thank the universe and this will allow more to come to you.  When you don’t manifest on your timeline, do not go to disappointment but go to a space of neutrality and that something else will fill the gap. Always, come from the glass half full versus empty. Being spiritual does not mean taking a vow of poverty but rather claiming abundance and prosperity as your birthright.  The universe is friendly since similar to you it likes to create and wants to support you in your co-creation. Believe in a good, bountiful universe, that miracles do happen and TRUST!